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When did the planning effort begin?

In March 1992, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) began the process of receiving public input from various stakeholders impacted by the VNY Master Plan.  In early 1995, Planning Associates Inc. was selected to act as the primary consultant for the project.  LAWA and City Planning Department staff then began an on-going joint effort to identify general plan and zoning classifications for the airport.

The Master Plan Timeline:

Master Plan study initiated by City Council, with Consultant Consensus Planning, Inc. hired to receive public input  March/April 1992
Background report preparation  Dec. 1992 to Jan. 1995
Stakeholder Issues and Recommendations Report released  April 1993
Planning Associates, Inc. selected as primary project Consultant / Master Plan Background Report released  Jan. 1995
LAWA and City Planning begin joint planning effort  Feb. 1995
Public meeting and workshops  Feb. 1995 to May 1995
Master Plan Requirements/Alternatives Report released  Feb. 1996
Master Plan Advisory Committee  May 1995 to Oct. 1996
EIR Preparation  Feb. 1996 to Feb. 2000
Draft EIR and Draft Master Plan released for public review  Nov. 1996
Public hearing on EIR and Draft Master Plan  Dec. 1996
Ongoing approval process: BOAC transmits VNY Master Plan to L.A. City Planning Department for review and processing  Feb. 1, 2000
L.A. City Planning Workshop and Public Hearing  March 7, 2001
North and South Planning Commissions  Jan./Feb. 2002
L.A. County Land Use Commission meeting  March 27, 2002 (Final decision not reached at this meeting)
Public hearing for the L.A. City Planning Commission at Birmingham High School Performing Arts Auditorium (6 p.m. workshop, with hearing at 7 p.m.)  Feb. 24, 2005
City Planning Commission decision date  May 26, 2005(Commission ratified Master Plan)
Forward to Mayor’s office  June 14, 2005
Review/Action by County Airport Land Use Commission  Aug./Sept. 2005
Review by City Council planning and transportation subcommittees  Oct. 2005
Action by full City Council  Nov. 2005
Final review/approval by Mayor  Dec. 2005
Signed by Mayor  Feb. 2006

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